Africa’s first global employee benefits
  • Recognize and reward employees
  • Access to local and international stores
  • Access to over 5,000 perks and discounts
  • Access multiple stores across UK, USA, Nigeria and Canada
Credley flex wallet
Benefits that work for everyone
4000+ discounts on major brands
International gift cards
and more...
On-demand salary
Salary advance
Employee recognition
Employee voting
Manage spotlight
and more...
Fitness videos
Sleep stories
Educational videos
Provide deals from the biggest brands all over the world
Employee benefits should not be limited to TGIF or health insurance coverage.
We offer customizable employee perks to fit individual lifestyles. Let us help you improve employee well-being
Our platform helps employees save on the things that matter most to them, with personalized offers and discounts. From local deals to global brands, there's something for everyone.
Partner with Credley to grow your business and reach a wide, engaged audience.
Send and receive money, pay bills and also buy vouchers all on the Credley mobile app.
How Credley helps your business

Grow and scale your business while keeping your employees as valuable assets. Provide perks to attract, engage, and retain a happy and engaged workforce.

Save moneySave costs with a central platform instead of multiple providers. Simplify the experience for all employees and increase benefits takeup and ROI.

Save timeEasily manage company benefits with our global offering. Eliminate the hassle of finding local suppliers with our platform.

Benefits for your employees

We provide equal employee benefits for all employees, regardless of location.

This includes access to thousands of discounts and deals, a wide selection of benefits at no cost to the employee.

Personalized content on various well-being topics, and a rewards system for recognition and appreciation

By using our platform, you can cater to the needs and preferences of every employee.

Flexible compensation for modern companies.
Compensation doesn’t have to be hard to get.
Credley makes it simple for managers and employees.